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summer starts

Water falls. Sun rays. Fun swells. My kids are enjoying the first day of summer break at a water park with friends and their dad. I couldn’t go. Not because I wanted to stay home and feel sorry for myself. I’m just really FAIL at outdoor functions like these. My medications make me hyper-sensitive to the [...]

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one reason i write

People write for many reasons. Whether it’s a creative impulse or a business motivation there is a drive that leads us to stamp out our little mark on the world. I’ve always had a hunger to write. Since childhood I would wrap myself in my imagination and let my stories take flight from my pens. [...]

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third time’s the charm

I’m having eye surgery. AGAIN. Yes, again. Eye surgery #1 was to repair the double vision and move my actual eyeball so the pupil was centered. The surgery was successful BUT it damaged a muscle and caused my eyelid to droop. Like ridiculously. Eye surgery #2 was to try to repair the droopy eyelid. There was some improvement but now the droop has [...]

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