summer starts

Water falls. Sun rays. Fun swells.

My kids are enjoying the first day of summer break at a water park with friends and their dad.

I couldn’t go.

Not because I wanted to stay home and feel sorry for myself. I’m just really FAIL at outdoor functions like these.

My medications make me hyper-sensitive to the sun. I can’t go on any ride, obviously. I would spend most of my time waiting them for them to wait in line. Having chlorine in my eye that I just had surgery on isn’t an attractive thought. I have issues in the water with my weak side.

So, yeah.

They went without me.

I ached to be able to go with them.

Not like this. I wanted to go down slides with them. I wanted to float in tubes with them. I wanted to body surf the waves.

So, I didn’t really regret not being able to go today. I wasn’t missing much and the kids could freely enjoy themselves.

Ahhh, but  I do miss wave pools.



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