worst case scenario

When I had my first eye surgery the staff said that there were all these likely post-surgery effects. Then they told me about the very unlikely risks but things I needed to know.

I fell in the unlikely category.

So I needed a second surgery to fix the results of the first. Same situation with the warnings.

Would you believe it, I fell into the very rare risks AGAIN!

Months later Pete and I were facing the very real need for a third eye surgery. Me hoping to get back to the original state of bad. Pete worrying if we could stand to deal with the worst case scenario again.

But what are the chances?

What are the chances my baby’s cold would end up being cancer?

What are the chances I’d end up having three strokes in my thirties?

Could fate be so cruel as to let a third eye surgery go bad?

Just to let you know: Fate is apparently a fickle bitch and I hope her crotch is infested with the fleas of a million camels.



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