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the art of being nice

I went to the Type-A–Parent conference at a hotel in Atlanta. I spoke about the art of writing, telling others I somehow knew more than them. I didn’t. No. I’ve just been doing it a long damn time and I’m just willing to talk out loud about it. On a personal note, I come with [...]

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back-to-school with the HP Slate and Pocket Playlist

   I received an HP Slate7 tablet and Pocket Playlist to review and keep. THE SLATE “I love the Slate!” The 9yo says as she breezes by me. She doesn’t know anything about the operating system or processor. Her only concern is how easy it is to use and how well it works.  Which, REALLY? Isn’t [...]

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living in the bubble

I live in a bubble. The walls are soft, bendable, yielding. But they are walls. “You sleep a lot” I do. It feels as if I’m only awake spurts betweens long intervals of slumber. But it isn’t always like that. I recently travelled to Chicago. I talked, laughed experienced engaged. The walls of my bubble [...]

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