patience is my virtue

The cord of my earbuds are tangled.


Like a ball of Christmas lights.

With one hand I slowly begin the process.

Painstakingly. Methodically. Weaving the end, in, out, under, over.

Pulling a knot free, only twenty-five more to go.

My daughters, my friends, they watch in pain.

I know they want to help. With both hands at their disposal they could handle each GIANT HURDLE with ease.

They see me handle these simple issues with stubborn refusal of aid.


What am I? 5 years old?

I love you for wanting to help me. I thank you for trying to meet a need you see.

It’s not that I’m above asking for assistance. There are things I definitely can’t do.

But these little things, the simple ones, let me work to do them on my own.

Every uncoiled pair of earbuds is a triumph to me.


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