trying to keep my kids safe

“Stranger danger!”

“Don’t talk to strangers!”

Those were the most common warnings of my childhood memory. Don’t take candy from strangers. Don’t get in strange vehicles

Only YOU can prevent a forest fire.

Those were the warnings my parent gave me. My fears were some dark and shadowy figure out to snatch me away from my home.

Raising kids in the digital age, I feel I’m forever warning my kiss about the dangers that lurk online too.

The strangers that bring danger are hiding behind the keyboards and monitors. I have to warn that predators aren’t just wild creatures in the jungle but can learn to type in a way that attracts young people.

Build trust.

Deceive into conviction.

Set a trap made of bad choices.

I get so frustrated and angry that I have to temper their enthusiasm for the wide world of social media that is their future with constant reminder for the need to be safe and private.

How do I preach privacy when these kids have been online their whole lives? I’m trying to make them understand the differences in their world and mine. My freedom comes with age and comprehension, things they will gain with time.

I want to warn them while keeping as much of their innocence as possible.


 As a mom I’ll try my hardest.

I think we all do.

Some tools for child safety online: 

National Center for Missing or Exploited Children (esp for teens)

Safe Kids

NetSmart Workshop 

FBI kids’ safety site 

Get Net Wise 

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