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Biaxin side effects

Peyton found this game we “HAD TO TRY!”  

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Norvasc 5mg

Ok, so *I* wasn’t on fire but I started one. With my wheelchair. In my kitchen. Accidentally. We have a gas stove versus electric. Peter ordered pizza the night before and we carelessly left the cardboard boxes on the burners. Note: cardboard is really freaking flammable.   Part of my wheelchair experience has been to learn [...]

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Lasix samples

I can’t cut my nails. Fingers or toes, they’re a two-handed job that are beyond me. So, I go and have a mani/pedi. Which sounds great, used to be a treat, a moment to pamper myself. But like anything, when it becomes a necessity some of the joy gets sucked out it. I really thought [...]

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