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off to school they go

I remember the first day of Nathaniel’s first year of school. The tears. The sobbing. The wailing. It took ten minutes for me to stop bawling after he took off without a backward glance. This first school day I send off three kids to three different schools. A sophomore, seventh grader and fourth grader. Hearts [...]

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I saw @blogHer through new eyes

I left for Chicago and BlogHer knowing I was leaving Peter with a lead ball of worry in his gut. Not because he was particularly worried about me – I’ve been to DC, NYC, LA and countless others – but because I was boarding a plane with our 12yo. BlogHer isn’t anything new, with its [...]

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one post fits all

I write a lot of crap. Sometimes it’s with a particular person in mind but I tend to call them out. Usually I speak in vague generalities.about no one and everyone specifically. Totally one of the benefit of almost dying is realizing its not worthwhile to hide other people’s bullshit. One of the other benefits? [...]

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the perfect storm

Summer break with three kids home from school. An eye surgery gone horribly wrong. Extended family complications. The puppy eating frenzy. Hormone wrangling. I t all coalesced to a perfect storm of non-blogging. Something had to give and the blogosphere did. Part of me wanted to curl up with my keyboard and lock all the [...]

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worst case scenario

When I had my first eye surgery the staff said that there were all these likely post-surgery effects. Then they told me about the very unlikely risks but things I needed to know. I fell in the unlikely category. So I needed a second surgery to fix the results of the first. Same situation with the warnings. [...]

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summer starts

Water falls. Sun rays. Fun swells. My kids are enjoying the first day of summer break at a water park with friends and their dad. I couldn’t go. Not because I wanted to stay home and feel sorry for myself. I’m just really FAIL at outdoor functions like these. My medications make me hyper-sensitive to the [...]

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one reason i write

People write for many reasons. Whether it’s a creative impulse or a business motivation there is a drive that leads us to stamp out our little mark on the world. I’ve always had a hunger to write. Since childhood I would wrap myself in my imagination and let my stories take flight from my pens. [...]

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third time’s the charm

I’m having eye surgery. AGAIN. Yes, again. Eye surgery #1 was to repair the double vision and move my actual eyeball so the pupil was centered. The surgery was successful BUT it damaged a muscle and caused my eyelid to droop. Like ridiculously. Eye surgery #2 was to try to repair the droopy eyelid. There was some improvement but now the droop has [...]

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i can be a pretty good friend too

A friend emailed and told me about a grocery list of craptitude that had happened to her and her family and all the fallout she was stressing about dealing over. Then she finished with “…I know it’s nothing compared to what you go through.” For a second I wished that Google would develop GSlap because I needed [...]

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phantom pain

Phantom limb sensations can also occur following nerve avulsion or spinal cord injury. Sensations are recorded most frequently following the amputation of an arm or a leg, but may also occur following the removal of a breast or an internal organ. Phantom limb pain is the feeling of pain in an absent limb or a [...]

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my 15yo gave me a proud mama moment

Friends have praised me. Old loves have whispered of passion. Medical staff have uttered words of astonishment. None came close to meaning as much as the words from my son. He and a friend were discussing mothers and the friend said “My mom isn’t as cool as she likes to think she is”. Nathaniel immediately said [...]

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seeing the world from my desk

I wonder what it was like to have my handicap fifty years ago. Granted people didn’t live without the medical treatments I was lucky to have. I think of the limits I have and what I would have then, it makes me know I’d have very little reason to even leave my house. Who would [...]

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measuring your worth

As a blogger there are many ways to quantifies your worth. Comments, traffic,  followers, “friends”,  lists that rank you, prestigious awards you’re given, all manner of opportunities to show your skill level. As a person there are status symbols we seek that announce our place in society. The vehicle, the clothes, the house in the neighborhood, our kids [...]

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