Hasbro’s National Family Game Night!

I’ve talked about how important our game nights are in the Mayhew house.  Whether we’re gathered around the Wii or trying to find enough pieces to make the Mousetrap game work….the games nights are together time….time that we laugh and joke and enjoy each other’s company. REAL enjoyment. We got the chance to try out [...]

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Rambling is an art, right?

Back in the day I used to blog on what could be considered a semi-regular basis. It’s not that I don’t have things to tell you, it’s that I am WICKED loaded down with stuff I have to do. Like? Figure out why my dryer suddenly decided to stop heating up. Convince my kittehs to [...]

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I have a story to tell

“I have a story to tell.” Those were her words.  She’s fourteen years old.  There should be no story to tell.  Her life should be Gossip Girl and first boyfriends, shopping trips and late night giggles. She shouldn’t have a story to tell yet. But Mary does. She has a story about cancer.  Having cancer [...]

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How did I get here?

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Anaheim, CA. And I wonder how I got here. I mean, I know how I GOT here…a plane and all that stuff…but I can’t quite figure out how I got HERE. From living in the bubble of our cancer life to sitting in a room 2000 miles [...]

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Winner Announced for The HP Photo Smart Premium printer!

The #38 Comment was from Beth at Copasetic Beth! Congrats to Beth and thank you to everyone who participated.

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HP Photo Smart Premium Printer Twitter Party!

As you know from the contest I’ve been lucky enough to offer you guys, HP has made a new printer that actually flies. It also does dishes. AND? It’s an a fantastic diet aid.  Guaranteed to drop 20 lbs in the first 20 print jobs. The HP Photo Smart Premium? Best. Printer. EVER!!! Oh. What [...]

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Here’s to many more Septembers with Peyton

September 2003…waiting September 2004…laughing September 2005…enjoying September 2006…enduring September 2007…persevering September 2008…inspiring September 2009…overcoming September 2010….. And what? Will the Leukemia stay gone? Will it come back? That’s LIFE with cancer.  You can NOT have the disease. I think it’s impossible to NOT have the fear.  The scars are forever. The future is always hopeful, [...]

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It’s just a cold. It’s just a cold. It’s just a cold.

Peyton’s had the crud. I try not to let that be a big deal. Kids get sick…even kids who had cancer are allowed to get JUST.GET.SICK. But. Low-grade fever. Three words I really hate. I would guess those words induce some sort of PTSD reaction in me…my palms will get sweaty and my heart races…I [...]

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If you *think* this is about you, it very well may be

I have three kids, each three years apart.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to play a game with these three? The 11yo doesn’t want to play down the 5yo’s level and I swear he takes his revenge in listening to her moan the fact that she lost AGAIN…the 5yo finds her [...]

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Giveaway: HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web

I’m a Blackberry girl, but I will admit to some serious app-envy when the IPhones came out.  I would sit around with my friends who owned IPhones watching them plick around from app to app, shaking this and scrolling that.  Jealousy is an ugly thing. But that was really it.  I didn’t want it because [...]

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After this I may bash Mickey Mouse in the head next time I see him

Back in June, we moved into our new house in Georgia. Six days into it, I *thought* I saw a mouse or rat in the kitchen.  Appropriate amounts of pants-crapping took place. Pest guy was contacted, no rodent was located or ever seen again.  Food stopped being noshed on and it looked as though it [...]

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And THIS? Is how it all starts to spiral out of control

My son got hit on for the first time. She walked by and looked at him and then said “I think you’re pretty hot.” He never quit smiling all evening. That is all. I can be found huddled in the back of my closet, swigging straight from the bottle and comfort eating Jelly Bellies.

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I live for these moments!!

Sometimes it just does not pay to even bother opening your eyes in the morning….. At 7:30 Rachael wakes me up.  WAKES ME UP.  We have to be out the door at 7:45 to get the girls to school on time. Apparently my alarm clock bothers her so she comes in and turns it off. [...]

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