Excuse me, I have to go extract my husband from under the bus

From Rachael, while I was at BlogHer…the greatest email ever written by an eight-year-old in the history of emails written by eight-year-olds. Dear,Mom I have a secret dad told me to not tell you.Do not tell him that I am telling you this he is sneaking a choclate cake remember the small mini ones yes. He is,no [...]

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Neurontin dosage

*SIGH*  I wrote this the morning I left for BlogHer, but apparently the wi-fi connection was so lousy in the hotel, it never actually posted. Tech hotel FAIL! So better late than never, right? I’m writing this from the Atlanta airport…drinking a cup of mediocre coffee, a man who needs to rethink his commitment to [...]

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The one where I almost don’t go to BlogHer

My niece went to camp and got sent home early. She did not get in trouble. She did not break the rules.  She was not caught creeping out of her cabin after hours in an attempt to make it  to the boys’ side of the camp.  Unfortunately! Nope, what she did get was exposure to [...]

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And here we are

Soooo, this is it. The new digs. Infinitely less packing and tape than changing residences, but filled with it’s own set of worries and angst. Will anyone still read? Am I screwing myself up by quitting my already established blog for this shiny newness? Does this blog make my butt look big? ANGST, I tell [...]

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