Eat ice cream = help sick kids. JUST that simple

Just in case you didn’t know. My kid had cancer. She was only two years old.  She looked like this: She endured two and half years of chemotherapy and radiation treatment…she had to go through THIS: Yup, that’s a needle in her chest.  Good times. Doesn’t THIS look like fun?  And yes, she is strapped [...]

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The evolution of moving furniture

There is an armoire in my living room. The armoire in my living room is IN my living room because there is no room in my bedroom. There is a bookshelf (AKA “Dumping Grounds of the Gods”) that has to move from my bedroom to the living room. The bookshelf is six feet wide. So, [...]

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The Football Bride

Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of Mar Raige, lived King Peter and Queen Anissa. They ruled a happy land, full of bountiful crops and peaceful peasants doing peaceful peasant-y type things. The King stayed busy, overseeing the safe passage of messengers from lands far and near and the profits of that [...]

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On this first day of school

My kids started school today. I KNOW! We start wicked early but that’s a really good thing because OHMYFREAKINGHECK do my kids need to be around some other kids.  And out of my butt hair. Thursday was open house at their respective schools…the girls at the same elementary school and Nathaniel at *gulp* middle school. [...]

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It’s never too early to teach your kids how to get thrown out of an establishment with STYLE

Note: I have never closed comments on a post before, but depending on how this post is received today, I may have to. I was “asked to leave” a restaurant that will remain unnamed. I’m not even angry that they asked me to leave because I know it was asked out of respect for the [...]

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Balancing the teeter-totter of my life

I have taken on a lot these past weeks. I guess I had it in my head that after the move things would settle down and I would find my equalibrium.  Oh yeah. I would find it, I would hold it close, I would OWN it. The little jerk is still hiding. Or maybe I [...]

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And someone out there picked me to be a Race and Ethnicity Channel Editor. *snort*

There is nothing quite so awesome as getting into a heated rant when the only person who’ll listen is more than willing to say, “Don’t you think you’re being just a LITTLE crazy stupid over-sensitive about this?” Especially when that person is your spouse. You promised to love, honor and agree with me in all [...]

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Ford asked What Women Want and apparently it’s to look HOT and wear beautiful jewelry. Well. DUH.

I totally went to BlogHer….and I had a tremendous time….and thanks to some wicked fabulous companies, I got to enjoy my trip just THAT much more. Not anything that would make or break my trip, but things that made it easier to go….things that made me feel prettier and more self-confident walking into a sea [...]

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Sometimes forgetfulness is a GOOD thing!

Being at BlogHer all weekend was a huge relief because it brought my normal monthly crazy down to a dull roar. I got home late on Sunday and bright and early Tuesday morning I had to drive Peyton into ATL for her finger poke. Already? Didn’t we just do this but with a side of [...]

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The scent of BlogHer still lingers on my skin

Because I’m totally a follower, I’m going to do what my beloved friend Janet did and NOT post links to every single thing because a) I don’t want to leave anyone out b) I’m stupid and lame and can’t remember every person’s name {even with the help of business cards} c) if you THINK I’m [...]

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Excuse me, I have to go extract my husband from under the bus

From Rachael, while I was at BlogHer…the greatest email ever written by an eight-year-old in the history of emails written by eight-year-olds. Dear,Mom I have a secret dad told me to not tell you.Do not tell him that I am telling you this he is sneaking a choclate cake remember the small mini ones yes. He is,no [...]

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Thoughts from the airport

*SIGH*  I wrote this the morning I left for BlogHer, but apparently the wi-fi connection was so lousy in the hotel, it never actually posted. Tech hotel FAIL! So better late than never, right? I’m writing this from the Atlanta airport…drinking a cup of mediocre coffee, a man who needs to rethink his commitment to [...]

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The one where I almost don’t go to BlogHer

My niece went to camp and got sent home early. She did not get in trouble. She did not break the rules.  She was not caught creeping out of her cabin after hours in an attempt to make it  to the boys’ side of the camp.  Unfortunately! Nope, what she did get was exposure to [...]

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