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post conference plague

I nearly died. Somewhere between coughing all night and my kids waking me up when I *could* sleep, it was a near homicide. In the wake of of the #140Conf and TypeACon, I suffered the dreaded “post-conference plague”. Before I go any further let me make sure I’m clear that I’m NOT COMPLAINING. Yes, I’m [...]

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#typeacon takeaway

I had one bad experience. Granted, it was a doozy. But it’s getting better. I think to myself “I’ll link to a few crucial friends”, then 400 links later I have carpel tunnel in the only hand I have left to type with. Then I’m typing with my nose, which doesn’t work because I’m Asian [...]

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my gift to twitter #140Conf12

I’m in NYC. I’m sitting in a room, missing a speech that is being giving. I’m at the #140Conf. It’s a conference that has a series of speakers in 10-15 minutes chunks. They talk about the impact that twitter and social media had on them. Whether it was an impact on their website or the [...]

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where planes can’t take you

I made it. To Detroit. But, more importantly. In an airport where my husband kissed me goodbye, On a plane where my friend and I laughed as we soared above the clouds. In a car that was new on streets that were unknown in a city unexplored. Then to a hotel room where my kids’ [...]

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