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do the time warp again

February went by with no posts. They were in my head but because of my eyes and overall laziness with typing they stayed dormant. I didn’t write about my fortieth birthday, Pete’s fortieth-second went by too. Nathaniel turned 16 (all teenage girls that visit are automatically shot in the ass with a dart of Depo-Provera)(There’s [...]

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i have a multiple personality disorder

People come to this site after talking to me on Twitter of Facebook and sometimes I get emails that say “I thought you’d be funny“. My first blog was about a toddler with cancer, this one is about being in coma, nearly dying, and living in a wheelchair. If that’s not comedic material, I don’t [...]

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Black Friday the way it should be: at home winning a contest from @CountryOutfittr!

Last month I was proud to lead the Aiming Low Event Organizing team in the first Non-Conference. It was a smashing success. We had fabulous attendees, incredible keynotes from JC Little and the Pioneer Woman and the involvement of our sponsors was fun and natural. Throughout the months leading up to the NonCon I worked tightly with Stephanie from Evolved Mommy. Stephanie was [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 1

I sat at the back of an empty room and looked around at the walls, the tables, the chairs and quiet expectation that waited. Months of emails had been written. Hangouts had been hung. Calls had been made. Planning, coordinating, organizing, culminating. The emptiness waited. My stomach burned with the worry. Then a few friendly [...]

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startling realization

There I am, just days away from the biggest event I’ve ever organized and I have this moment of clarity. I’m literally sitting on the toilet (bear with me) where I sit to change clothes and I can’t get my leg out of my jeans. I’m struggling with my pants that are stuck on my non-moving foot, I reach [...]

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the @AimingLow #NonCon and napkins

Spring 2009 my good friend Janet and I were passing napkins at a conference. From those napkins were the birth of Aiming Low. A few months before my strokes we talked about a conference that would be about the days we wrote because we felt compelled to create, not because we thought we’d get free [...]

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it’s ok to come undone

I had a bit of a breakdown Monday.I came unraveled. Lost my shit. Seriously walked the edge. I’m juggling a lot of balls right now. The Non-Conference.  Aiming Low. Surgeries and their recoveries. A disability office that keeps saying I’m not disabled enough. Fears that effects from my strokes seem to be getting worse. The situation with Pete [...]

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i’m tired

I’m tired. I’m pushing myself a little harder than I probably should. I’m organizing the Non-Conference. I’m planning the Come As You Are party. I’m proud to be one of the People’s Choices for BlogHer’s Voices Of The Year. I’m writing my book. I’m planning for trips. I have these three beautiful people that depend [...]

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sometimes you just want to be shallow

I wrote this post at Babble about teaching your kids to appreciate beauty, whatever form it comes in. I run a site where we constantly preach the lesson of a positive body image. I even make sure to post lots of pictures on Twitter and Facebook about “loving your body”. I believe in that stuff. [...]

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getting away from the computer

“Get away from the computer” I’ll be really honest, the computer used to be one of those things I over-indulged in. Like chocolate. Like bacon. Like shoes. It used to be said as a reminder that I had to keep my priorities straight and always remember what’s important. Now it’s pulling me away from a [...]

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you can’t do that

There is a certain “you can’t do that” to my life. It’s been said in the past. Some people believed I could only fail. I’d like to say that I knew right away they were wrong. I could face every challenge. I was positive there was nothing but good times ahead. I’d like to say [...]

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i went to #BlogHer11, part 1

I spent the last months planning for BlogHer and our party. They’re both finally over. The party is a post all to itself. But I’ll give you a hint: ANTWAY! The conference was in San Diego and it was one of those amazing chances to say THANK YOU to the people that have been such [...]

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what they will be

Here I can be very serious, raw and truthful about recovery. At Aiming Low I get to revel in the funny that makes some people cringe. A new site we latched is a site of the absurd. On places like Twitter, Facebook  and Google+ I am pretty much what you’d think I’m like. I am [...]

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