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Invisalign: the final post

It’s been a learning journey. I’d like to say it’s all been easy but, like most things with teenagers, it wasn’t.  Invisalign has had its benefits and we would definitely do it again. Seeing as how we have two more kids we WILLL do aligners again. When we first went into treatment the biggest of our worries were Nathanie’s overbite. We didn’t have to [...]

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Invisalign: making your social footprint the Facebook way

The fact that my mom, my 14yo and I all have Facebook pages mean that the fabric of reality is probably shredding right now. Granted we use it in very different ways and there are things my son already knows that my mom will never bother to get into. Fact is, Facebook is a tool [...]

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INVISALIGN: how i got on the Mom’s Advisory Board

“How did you become part of Mom’s Advisory Board?” I probably get asked a version of that question at every conference, meetup, blogging social event. People want to know what I did to get chosen to represent a company like Invisalign. Truth? I DON’T HAVE A FREAKING CLUE! I didn’t apply for it. I didn’t [...]

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Invisalign: What First Impression Do You Give?

Maybe you’ve heard the adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Well, old saying are true for a reason. It is stunning to find out how much value a person’s freely given smile can have. For the person giving the smile and the person receiving. I have been a person who [...]

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Invisalign Teen Celebrities: then my daughter’s head exploded in a shower of glitter

Trying out Invisalign aligners as the mom of a teen wearer has been a different challenge from having them as an adult. As if you need reason besides the nearly invisible appearance and the ability to remove them WHENEVER, Invisalign now has a group of Teen Celebs that are singing their praises. Or I guess texting their praises. [...]

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Invisalign: year one down

We’ve been at this Invisalign thing with Nathaniel for a little over a year. We’ve had the occasional bump in the aligner road. Nathaniel has forgotten his aligners on a food tray and had them thrown away. He forget to get his next set from the orthodontist and his teeth had started to move backwards. [...]

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Invisalign – can your wallet afford more than one kid?

At Rachael’s last dentist checkup, the dentist said , “You can go for your first orthodontic appointment.” She’s 10yo and still losing teeth and that was a time recommended to US to wait. But we also have this child number two expecting Invisalign in her mouth. Honestly, after seeing the effects + benefits that Nathaniel [...]

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