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the windows to my soul are creepy

I had the surgeries on my eyes,. There were some different decisions and complication. But it was LOTS of fun. I was incredibly hot. Supermodels were jealous. You’re thinking “HOW DO I GET THAT COOL?” You can’t. Just deal. Today I’m celebrating my 64th birthday. THEORY: If I lie and tell people I’m 29 they’re [...]

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more than beautiful

I wrote a piece at Babble about the importance of teaching my kids to appreciate the things that MAKE you beautiful. Go and read it or a unicorn loses its wings.

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Invisalign: how did we know our kid was ready

Lia brought up one of the greatest arguments surrounding Invisalign for teen: IS THE ADDED COST GOING TO BE WORTH IT? You all probably think that because I’m a part of the Mom’s Advisory Board and Nathaniel got his Invisalign trays complimentary that we opted to get the trays instead of standard braces. Truth of [...]

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