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the words i have

There are certain things I had to learn to do to keep writing. I’ve never been one to be great with imagery. My words were plain and simple. My style is almost stark now. I have to keep the look very minimalistic because my vision can’t handle too much action. Instead of telling you how [...]

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sometimes you just want to be shallow

I wrote this post at Babble about teaching your kids to appreciate beauty, whatever form it comes in. I run a site where we constantly preach the lesson of a positive body image. I even make sure to post lots of pictures on Twitter and Facebook about “loving your body”. I believe in that stuff. [...]

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holding down the fort

I’m in L.A. Unfortunately, without Ryan Reynolds’ address. *sigh* I’m out west speaking at a conference called BlogWorld. My last trip for this year. So feel free to look in the medicine cabinet and under the bed. Check out what I wrote at Babble about the “I Am…” project. Ignore that riding crop. I like [...]

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what you get when you tell me to write important stuff

Babble tends to be a site about kids and babies and all thing soft and squishy. So, when they asked me to write there I asked, “Have you lost your mind?” Catherine (the one they send to stroke your hair and talk you into stuff) said, “This will be great! Just like summer camp, but [...]

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i give free kittens!

Don’t punch me,  but I need you to click over to Babble and vote for me with a Facebook “like”. I wouldn’t normally do it, but this is a really good reason. Mominations is your chance to shine a light of recognition on an incredible mom doing good work, and put her in the running [...]

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