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Mabel’s Labels for everything but when I lose my mind! @Mabelhood

1. Mom: Where is (insert object here)? Child: I don’t know. 2. Mom: Who has your (insert it again)? Child: I don’t know. 3. Mom: When was the last time you saw your (object that shall not be named)? Child: I don’t know. 4. Mom: Do you understand that if you don’t bring (OBJECT OBJECT OBJECT) home [...]

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back-to-school with the HP Slate and Pocket Playlist

   I received an HP Slate7 tablet and Pocket Playlist to review and keep. THE SLATE “I love the Slate!” The 9yo says as she breezes by me. She doesn’t know anything about the operating system or processor. Her only concern is how easy it is to use and how well it works.  Which, REALLY? Isn’t [...]

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off to school they go

I remember the first day of Nathaniel’s first year of school. The tears. The sobbing. The wailing. It took ten minutes for me to stop bawling after he took off without a backward glance. This first school day I send off three kids to three different schools. A sophomore, seventh grader and fourth grader. Hearts [...]

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back-to-school with Invisalign

My kids have gone back to school. *ANGELS REJOICE!* This time of year means getting school supplies, clothes and the challenge of being a really thorough Invisalign aligner wearer. So, in preparation for the back-to-school thrill-a-thon, we put together a short list of THING THAT WORK FOR US: Colgate Wisps – little, single-use tooth cleaners.  [...]

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