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one post fits all

I write a lot of crap. Sometimes it’s with a particular person in mind but I tend to call them out. Usually I speak in vague generalities.about no one and everyone specifically. Totally one of the benefit of almost dying is realizing its not worthwhile to hide other people’s bullshit. One of the other benefits? [...]

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can you teach beauty?

It was so good for the kids to be at the NonCon. Nathaniel got to see his humor appreciated and Peyton made a best friend in Faiqa’s daughter. For Rachael, my very impressionable and observant 11yo daughter it was the chance to see that adults truly valued her for qualities that 6th graders don’t have the maturity to see. The way [...]

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sometimes you just want to be shallow

I wrote this post at Babble about teaching your kids to appreciate beauty, whatever form it comes in. I run a site where we constantly preach the lesson of a positive body image. I even make sure to post lots of pictures on Twitter and Facebook about “loving your body”. I believe in that stuff. [...]

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more than beautiful

I wrote a piece at Babble about the importance of teaching my kids to appreciate the things that MAKE you beautiful. Go and read it or a unicorn loses its wings.

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why pretty is like pez (and @Chookooloonks)

Strokes aren’t pretty. They aren’t. I’m not. Now, I can hear you sputtering about how I should find mysel beautiful, and I do. I’m just not PRETTY. Pretty can fade with time. Pretty is swallowed by ugliness in your soul Pretty is like candy.  It’s good, it’s fun, you want some, but it won’t FEED [...]

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in the mirror

For the love of Joe, Mom, please don’t read one. SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX You were warned. I work as hard as I can. Therapy. Writing. Strengthening. Living. Mothering.  Friending. Being a wife. How to feel like a wife? How to feel pretty when you know you’re not the woman you used to be? How do you feel [...]

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I can be beautiful for my daughter

I need to learn to love my body. I’ve had this body for thirty-five years and it’s never fully made me happy. The shoulders are too broad. The hips are too narrow. The belly is too squishy. The feet are too wide. The legs are too short. The chins are too many. And I have [...]

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