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do the time warp again

February went by with no posts. They were in my head but because of my eyes and overall laziness with typing they stayed dormant. I didn’t write about my fortieth birthday, Pete’s fortieth-second went by too. Nathaniel turned 16 (all teenage girls that visit are automatically shot in the ass with a dart of Depo-Provera)(There’s [...]

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the windows to my soul are creepy

I had the surgeries on my eyes,. There were some different decisions and complication. But it was LOTS of fun. I was incredibly hot. Supermodels were jealous. You’re thinking “HOW DO I GET THAT COOL?” You can’t. Just deal. Today I’m celebrating my 64th birthday. THEORY: If I lie and tell people I’m 29 they’re [...]

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my first

He was the first person I ever held in my arms that shared my blood. The girls would come, but HE WAS MY FIRST. The doctor put him on my belly and I can’t even explain what happened. The sun exploded. Time stopped. Everything that WAS changed. It happened two more times. But he was [...]

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I had a birthday

I has a birthday. I turned 15. I figure if I’m going to lie I might as well REALLY LIE. So I turned 37. In all honesty we didn’t know if I’d see 37. We didn’t know if I’d see 36. When I say each birthday’s a blessing, I’m not exaggerating. Happy birthday to me [...]

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