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I saw @blogHer through new eyes

I left for Chicago and BlogHer knowing I was leaving Peter with a lead ball of worry in his gut. Not because he was particularly worried about me – I’ve been to DC, NYC, LA and countless others – but because I was boarding a plane with our 12yo. BlogHer isn’t anything new, with its [...]

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random blog post about nothing

Even though I’m not a big commenter (mostly that writing thing) I do try to read. Even before I had to learn to conserve my words I never felt like my writing FIT in any neat little labeled box. It’s not bad. I’m proud of it. The way a mom is proud of drawings she keeps on the fridge. [...]

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raw on the internet

When I write on the Internet I always give a piece of myself. I like to think everyone who blogs understands that feeling of baring their soul and letting everyone watch. Becoming the center on your own voyeuristic, emotional peep show. But some posts more than others leave me feeling raw, exposed. After I push [...]

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to be myself

I’ve shared tips and told you how *I* do thing. I told how we managed to save money by getting two gallons of milk out of one gallon. I showed you how *I* learned to take off lids with one hand. I’ve shown you tools that have helped me along the way, ways I’ve learned [...]

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if you feel the need to comment

Something that was explained at Bloggy Boot Camp was “how to get more comments“. Now, I won’t lie and tell you that I don’t appreciate when a post resonates with a reader in a way that makes you feel the need to take time out of your busy life and leave a comment. I do. [...]

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I went to #BBCAtl (Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta) and there’s still cupcake icing in my bra

I felt like Michelle Duggar going into a Lamaze class. Granted, I was at Bloggy Boot Camp for a different reason than a lot of the attendees, but I did get the slightest feeling of the WIZENED OLD LADY in the bunch. The old lady who always has a kleenex in her purse. And a [...]

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puzzle pieces

Everything feels like puzzle. Exercise. Rehab. Writing. Blogs. Friends. Relatives. The biggest piece. The one all the others have to fit around. Family. It feels like the side change shape. Get longer. Are shortened. A spot that once arched out now curves in. The transformations are subtle. Their changes. Mine. Physical. Emotional. The pieces always [...]

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do people comment because they have things to say or they feel they have to?

There has been a strange sense of wondering if I should be telling this part of my story. What’s healing for me and therapeutic in telling may not be what most want to read.  Granted, some understand and some get what is going on in my head.  But I wonder how many are really tired [...]

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things that stink about having a stroke, really REALLY stink

Back before I had the stroke, I was a very busy blogger. I always had someone to meet, a company to rep, a product to try. Dude, I was busy. I also wrote my blog that I loved, I wrote the blog that I dreamed about (and it came true),  and these were just a [...]

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There are times I have to switch my hats so fast it gives me whiplash. Just hours into my time in North Carolina at the Type-A Mom Conference, I got a call that shook me to my core. A call that left me crying in the bathroom. A call with news that made my heart [...]

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If you *think* this is about you, it very well may be

I have three kids, each three years apart.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to play a game with these three? The 11yo doesn’t want to play down the 5yo’s level and I swear he takes his revenge in listening to her moan the fact that she lost AGAIN…the 5yo finds her [...]

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I sent out a tweet not long ago asking “If you had to handwrite your blog, would you still blog?” I was surprised by how many people said that having to write out their posts would shut them down faster than a fat kid runs to cake. I’ve journaled since I was a child and [...]

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