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I saw @blogHer through new eyes

I left for Chicago and BlogHer knowing I was leaving Peter with a lead ball of worry in his gut. Not because he was particularly worried about me – I’ve been to DC, NYC, LA and countless others – but because I was boarding a plane with our 12yo. BlogHer isn’t anything new, with its [...]

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my plan for awesome at #BlogHer12

If NYC suddenly sucks and no one shows up for BlogHer, I’ll probably post a lot. Chances are REALLY slim, but there is a chance. On Wednesday I’ll be packing up, hugging my children, kissing my visiting niece and boarding a plane with Julia. Then? PEOPLE. When we get to NYC I’ll meet the book [...]

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nervous nellie

I have a lot of things to do when I get to BlogHer and NYC. There’s a party I’ve been working with my events team at Aiming Low to organize. There’s a board member gathering for one of the most important groups I’ve ever been a part of.  Me and a sweet friend will be [...]

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more surgery on my eye

I felt like my eye all screwed up. The ophthalmologist at Emory agreed, and began the never-ending “SAGA OF THE ZOMBIE EYE“. I went to the doc to talk about the eye tremor. The doctor ran some tests, looked at this, poked at that. Dr J ended up doing the initial zombie-eye surgery to take [...]

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the words i have

There are certain things I had to learn to do to keep writing. I’ve never been one to be great with imagery. My words were plain and simple. My style is almost stark now. I have to keep the look very minimalistic because my vision can’t handle too much action. Instead of telling you how [...]

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my burning brain and @BlogHer parties

Last night I got in a G+ Hangout with Leila and Marika. The first of many as we get ready to start organizing the 2nd Come As You Are party by BlogHer and Aiming Low and featuring the super sexy Mouthy Housewives. It brought up all these great memories of San Diego. The fun dinners, [...]

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own your nap

“You need to own your naps again.” Pete said this other day when we were talking about a lot of things that needed SOMETHING. I have this site and Aiming Low that I’m building up. 25 writers I love talking to each day. We’re organizing events at BlogHer and TypeAParent. The freelance thing I do. [...]

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size matters

My mom asked me a question and I realized you might have wondered at one point or another. I write here. But I also write at Aiming Low. Every now and then I do freelance writing at places like SheKnows, Women On The Fence, and BlogHer.. Some of those articles seem long. Longer than anything [...]

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someone asked me to talk, and my sister laughs because they used to ask me to shut up

A while ago Pete and I were asked to speak at a conference. Not just “A” conference, but “the” conference. Blogher. Pete was stuck in a really tough spot. We pretty much had to make a choice to go back when I didn’t handle crowds at all and I thought road signs were totally dangerous. [...]

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Ford asked What Women Want and apparently it’s to look HOT and wear beautiful jewelry. Well. DUH.

I totally went to BlogHer….and I had a tremendous time….and thanks to some wicked fabulous companies, I got to enjoy my trip just THAT much more. Not anything that would make or break my trip, but things that made it easier to go….things that made me feel prettier and more self-confident walking into a sea [...]

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The scent of BlogHer still lingers on my skin

Because I’m totally a follower, I’m going to do what my beloved friend Janet did and NOT post links to every single thing because a) I don’t want to leave anyone out b) I’m stupid and lame and can’t remember every person’s name {even with the help of business cards} c) if you THINK I’m [...]

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Excuse me, I have to go extract my husband from under the bus

From Rachael, while I was at BlogHer…the greatest email ever written by an eight-year-old in the history of emails written by eight-year-olds. Dear,Mom I have a secret dad told me to not tell you.Do not tell him that I am telling you this he is sneaking a choclate cake remember the small mini ones yes. He is,no [...]

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Thoughts from the airport

*SIGH*  I wrote this the morning I left for BlogHer, but apparently the wi-fi connection was so lousy in the hotel, it never actually posted. Tech hotel FAIL! So better late than never, right? I’m writing this from the Atlanta airport…drinking a cup of mediocre coffee, a man who needs to rethink his commitment to [...]

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