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i went to #BlogHer11, part 1

I spent the last months planning for BlogHer and our party. They’re both finally over. The party is a post all to itself. But I’ll give you a hint: ANTWAY! The conference was in San Diego and it was one of those amazing chances to say THANK YOU to the people that have been such [...]

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Dear @BlogHer attendees & non-attendees

Dear people going to BlogHer, NOT going to BlogHer or wondering “WTH is BlogHer?”, Last year, Peter and I got on a plane and flew to NY to be at my first event post-strokes. NY was loud, it smelled funky and being able to be there was glorious. Being anywhere was glorious. Since that time [...]

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geek is the new cool

I borrowed a quote from Nathaniel today. Not the one they are using to name their new blog. (you have no idea how close it came to “PieMouth”) I could tell you the name but they want to wait til it’s ready. The name?? PERFECT! Go check out the face lift we got over at [...]

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