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why Botox rocks!

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trying to get my eyes fixed

I went to the ophthalmologist’s office expecting to get Botex injections around my eye to combat muscle spasms. That’s not so much what happened. Instead of a quick stab with a needle I got a full eye exam with a bunch of words I didn’t understand. After all the testing and checking and making of [...]

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at least it isn’t half a boob job

I’m off getting Botox. That sounds sooooo glamorous, right? They’re doing it because I have eye spasms. And they’re only doing it on the right eye. That seems horribly unfair. Just because the left side of my face doesn’t move doesn’t mean it doesn’t have stress. I FEEL STRESS. *sigh* So, while I’m getting my [...]

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Type-A-Parent Conference stands for Type-”Awesome”-Parent Conference

I spent the weekend in Asheville, NC at the Type-A-Parent Conference. It was a conference I always enjoy in a city I love with people I adore doing stuff we agree to never talk about. Unfortunately, most at this conference didn’t know there was a reason I hid away for this weekend. The morning we [...]

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now I wait

I lay my side and a needle jabs in and out of my flesh. My jaws had already been punctured by the needles. My arm proved it wasn’t totally numb by the shattering pain at each needle poke. I tried to remember the monthly visits to the oncologist when I would lay on my my [...]

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