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a month of peyton’s smiles

Childhood Cancer Month. I thought about the many images I could share with you that would break your heart. The moments I snapped on film of a little girl forced to endure a multitude of pains. But that isn’t what I want to do. For us this is a celebration of completing chemo and radiation. Not all [...]

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inspire someone

When Peyton was diagnosed with cancer the doctor gave a very important bit of advice. It wasn’t about her diet or meds, it wasn’t what we could do to make chemotherapy go smoother for a child. It was that when the treatment was all complete and we moved on with life – and to have [...]

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do over

There are days you wake and by the time you lay your head back on the pillow you just want to call “DO OVER!” You have no idea of the shitstorm of events about to start just by brushing the sleep from your eyes. Instead of birds chirping. The smell of coffee brewing. Even the [...]

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what we can do together

In the past I’ve had the chance to help families as a blogger and get involved with efforts to benefit pediatric cancer families. Then a moment comes along that both meet in one and I KNOW these sites aren’t just proof of narcissism gone wild! Are you familiar with Love Drop? Love Drop is a [...]

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reposted from Hope4Peyton – “Locks of Love, you disappoint me greatly”

This a a post I wrote on my blog Hope4Peyton. It told of my frustration and anger at Locks of Love. I’m still angry with them for letting people believe lies for financial gain. Read it. Share it.  Don’t forget it. (damn, I used a lot of words!) Ok, fasten your seat belts because this [...]

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penny for penny…unless you don’t do math and then you’re screwed

I spent a lot of time waiting on doctors today. Something I’m pretty used to doing. Before I was the “coma mom” or the “wheelchair mom”,  I was always the “cancer mom”. I had two healthy legs and two healthy arms and if THIS is the price I pay for my daughter’s healthy body, I’ll [...]

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Happy First Anniversary, Peyton

It’s been a year. A year since I handed Peyton her last dose of chemotherapy medicine and she downed it like a champ. A year since the clock started ticking….the one that counts off the days to five years. She’s finally gotten to the age where she’s got more days off-chemo than on-chemo in her [...]

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Introducing Dr. Crazy

The girls got their hair cut today. Tomorrow’s picture day at school…sort of a big deal. One that Peyton will miss. Again. I can’t even tell you how much that sucks. Instead, we’ll be going for an eye exam with an ophthalmologist. Peyton has eye problems? You might ask. No. Peyton has headaches. She has [...]

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There are times I have to switch my hats so fast it gives me whiplash. Just hours into my time in North Carolina at the Type-A Mom Conference, I got a call that shook me to my core. A call that left me crying in the bathroom. A call with news that made my heart [...]

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I have a story to tell

“I have a story to tell.” Those were her words.  She’s fourteen years old.  There should be no story to tell.  Her life should be Gossip Girl and first boyfriends, shopping trips and late night giggles. She shouldn’t have a story to tell yet. But Mary does. She has a story about cancer.  Having cancer [...]

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Here’s to many more Septembers with Peyton

September 2003…waiting September 2004…laughing September 2005…enjoying September 2006…enduring September 2007…persevering September 2008…inspiring September 2009…overcoming September 2010….. And what? Will the Leukemia stay gone? Will it come back? That’s LIFE with cancer.  You can NOT have the disease. I think it’s impossible to NOT have the fear.  The scars are forever. The future is always hopeful, [...]

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Eat ice cream = help sick kids. JUST that simple

Just in case you didn’t know. My kid had cancer. She was only two years old.  She looked like this: She endured two and half years of chemotherapy and radiation treatment…she had to go through THIS: Yup, that’s a needle in her chest.  Good times. Doesn’t THIS look like fun?  And yes, she is strapped [...]

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Sometimes forgetfulness is a GOOD thing!

Being at BlogHer all weekend was a huge relief because it brought my normal monthly crazy down to a dull roar. I got home late on Sunday and bright and early Tuesday morning I had to drive Peyton into ATL for her finger poke. Already? Didn’t we just do this but with a side of [...]

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