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puzzle pieces

Everything feels like puzzle. Exercise. Rehab. Writing. Blogs. Friends. Relatives. The biggest piece. The one all the others have to fit around. Family. It feels like the side change shape. Get longer. Are shortened. A spot that once arched out now curves in. The transformations are subtle. Their changes. Mine. Physical. Emotional. The pieces always [...]

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i hope this makes sense, but then, why start now?

I’ve been very lucky that I’m well enough to take a few of the offers to speak that I’ve/we’ve been offered.  But there has also been an alarming amount of speaking gigs that have been, “WHO?? There has been a feeling of being offered things JUST because I’m the flavor of the month. I’m this [...]

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have you realized how long i’ve been home? i didn’t, heh

It has been a little over four months since I came home from the hospital.  Sometimes it feels like I’ve made such great progress in those months, and sometime I wonder why I’m not farther towards the end goal than I am. I mean, when I left the hospital I was freaked out by the [...]

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stubborn is a good thing…no, really, it is…IT IS!!

Rumor has it that I’m stubborn. My parents will verify it. My friends will testify to it. Because he loves me, me husband denies knowing anything about it. He’s smart, that one. I used to be stubborn in work, and definitely in play. Then I had two strokes.  And I was in a coma.  And [...]

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i had this post about how i do things, but i don’t really do THINGS often

You will wake up. You will stare at the wall. You will wonder how this day could possibly be any different from the day before. You find your wheelchair. You get up. You do your exercises and stretches. You spend too long doing too little work. You nap. You play with your kids. You laugh [...]

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you know how there are owls in the desert? this post is not about them at all.

I have noticed the change, and some others have too, I suppose. Probably everyone who used to follow my old stuff has noticed.  The new people have probably seen some difference. And we’re not just talking about the way I dress. For those that haven’t totally gotten it yet, we are talking about my writing. [...]

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the summer of hope. and boobs. which is hope for some. especially if you’re thirteen.

We watch while there are changes here and there. An arm movement here….a leg moving there…a boob can be be grabbed all the time, apparently. But it can be hard for me to always see the differences. I see my face and body everyday. So when a friend comes that has been here every few [...]

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