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words can be a great thing

Dear Parents of Peyton Mayhew… I can’t tell you how many letters over the years have been news we didn’t want. But this was good. So good. Great. FABULOUS. Now this this only three years out of five until we can use the “cured” with confidence. And nothing is ever guaranteed. But these words made [...]

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Only The Best…Nothing Else Will Do

In the days before Peter took the job that brought us to Georgia, we drove north to check out the hospital. We couldn’t even consider moving until we felt safe in our choice that SHOULD we need a hospital for treatment again, Peyton would have the best options available. We got a grand tour of [...]

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Rambling is an art, right?

Back in the day I used to blog on what could be considered a semi-regular basis. It’s not that I don’t have things to tell you, it’s that I am WICKED loaded down with stuff I have to do. Like? Figure out why my dryer suddenly decided to stop heating up. Convince my kittehs to [...]

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I have a story to tell

“I have a story to tell.” Those were her words.  She’s fourteen years old.  There should be no story to tell.  Her life should be Gossip Girl and first boyfriends, shopping trips and late night giggles. She shouldn’t have a story to tell yet. But Mary does. She has a story about cancer.  Having cancer [...]

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