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trying to keep my kids safe

“Stranger danger!” “Don’t talk to strangers!” Those were the most common warnings of my childhood memory. Don’t take candy from strangers. Don’t get in strange vehicles Only YOU can prevent a forest fire. Those were the warnings my parent gave me. My fears were some dark and shadowy figure out to snatch me away from [...]

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he made us a family

Our son Nathaniel turns 15 tomorrow. Sunday at a pre-birthday dinner with grandma Peter and I told the story about the day before my delivery. The nerves, excitement, my sheer enormity, THE NINTENDO my husband took to labor and delivery. We went on and on, “fifteen years ago today….”, talking about the birth, how much [...]

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why there are no parenting geniuses

I love to spend time with my kids. Working from home while parenting isn’t the easiest thing EVER. Parents who work a job outside the home, to come and start their next job understand. Parents whose job comes with no PTO  or weekends understand. When I hear there’s a “war” between the kinds of moms [...]

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live to the fullest

I’m thankful I had my strokes when I did. I don’t mean I’m glad I had strokes. And I definitely could have waited years before becoming handicapped. But if I was going to have strokes, I’m glad that I got to have some of the experiences I did FIRST. I got to walk down the [...]

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funkytown, one turn past Allentown and Elizabethtown

Sometimes I get in a funk. Then I have to make myself find reasons for to get out of it. There’s been physical progress, conference opportunities, Extreme Home Makeover videos, husbands that make threats involving things that are put up high. Funk?  When do I have long to wallow in the funkadelio? Mainly because the [...]

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