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napping is brilliant

When I was in my twenties I went out. A lot. I was up late all night. I slept late every day. My dinner every night was most people’s breakfast. We used to have a joke that we watched the sunrise often, but only before we went to bed. I’ve always been a night owl. [...]

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getting stuck in old days

Part of writing my story is that I have to rip the band-aid off the wound that was the strokes. In all the days since my strokes, the truths I have shared and the little details of recovery that I allowed you to be part of have been pretty blunt. Yet, I have never gone [...]

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so much for concerts

A few days ago one of the kids screamed in laughter RIGHT IN MY EAR. There was no thought about it. Not from them. Not from me. But right after I could tell the hearing my good ear had changed. Back story: I have partial deafness in my right ear from the stroke. I’m left [...]

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knowing I’m not the only one

A woman had a stroke Her husband handled the kids the best he could. The time went by as the woman was in a coma. People prayed. Hoped. Gave strength. Gave of themselves. Gave what they could. While they wait. It all feels and sounds so familiar. It is Joanne and Tobien Heim’s story. It [...]

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i should have stuck with “Pride and Prejudice”

During those first months home I tried to read Pete’s posts about our time in the many hospitals. I read and read and then I came to the point where I read like any other stranger would.  I got to the days I don’t have any memory and coma was more than a bad joke. [...]

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sometimes i have dreams. but i’m not martin luther king, jr. not THOSE kinds of dreams.

I talked dreams with my husband last night.  The confusing and nonsensical dreams that filled my sleeping coma days. i remember them. Dreams of theater that can’t finish, of westerns that don’t die,  there are big glass rooms with music that never finish, and there was someone who was done and getting ready to leave [...]

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some things suck. some things suck beyond all human understanding and belief. this is one of those things.

I want it to be not fair.  I want people to feel bad for this body. I want for everyone to understand how much it sucks to have a functioning system, then to wake up with half not working. It sucks. It really does. But at least I have half. One arm is the price [...]

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i’m obviously handicapped. i should be pitied and given parking. that’s how it works, right?

So a lot of you are wondering what the stroke has done. And, I’m going to tell you. My whole right side is paralyzed….leg, arm, torso, so-forth. My face is numb….my jaw and lips have issues. I have crap eyes now and double vision. I have ear and hearing problems. That’s most of it. I’m [...]

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