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I saw @blogHer through new eyes

I left for Chicago and BlogHer knowing I was leaving Peter with a lead ball of worry in his gut. Not because he was particularly worried about me – I’ve been to DC, NYC, LA and countless others – but because I was boarding a plane with our 12yo. BlogHer isn’t anything new, with its [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 5

There were some bloggers that felt anxious coming to the NonCon even though it was a much smaller event by anyone’s standards. Less people. No expectations. The invite to come and just be real. It was still scary for some. Eye-opening for others. An experience that was different for all. Maybe it’s because *I* am different. In [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 1

I sat at the back of an empty room and looked around at the walls, the tables, the chairs and quiet expectation that waited. Months of emails had been written. Hangouts had been hung. Calls had been made. Planning, coordinating, organizing, culminating. The emptiness waited. My stomach burned with the worry. Then a few friendly [...]

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startling realization

There I am, just days away from the biggest event I’ve ever organized and I have this moment of clarity. I’m literally sitting on the toilet (bear with me) where I sit to change clothes and I can’t get my leg out of my jeans. I’m struggling with my pants that are stuck on my non-moving foot, I reach [...]

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a new side to mom

I unplugged for a bit this weekend. The emails built up and there was a TON of stuff I could have been doing. I did the absolute necessary and left everything else. It helped that my mobile connection to the world went wonky but it was also good to just spend time with my people. I spent [...]

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having my @BlogHer attitude adjustment

Like so many others, I went to NYC and attended the BlogHer12 conference. I won’t mention the people I saw. I can’t include everyone so I include no one.  The friends I caught up with were absolutely glorious. People I got know better were just priceless. The faces I’d hoped to see but missed in [...]

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nervous nellie

I have a lot of things to do when I get to BlogHer and NYC. There’s a party I’ve been working with my events team at Aiming Low to organize. There’s a board member gathering for one of the most important groups I’ve ever been a part of.  Me and a sweet friend will be [...]

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someone asked me to talk, and my sister laughs because they used to ask me to shut up

A while ago Pete and I were asked to speak at a conference. Not just “A” conference, but “the” conference. Blogher. Pete was stuck in a really tough spot. We pretty much had to make a choice to go back when I didn’t handle crowds at all and I thought road signs were totally dangerous. [...]

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The scent of BlogHer still lingers on my skin

Because I’m totally a follower, I’m going to do what my beloved friend Janet did and NOT post links to every single thing because a) I don’t want to leave anyone out b) I’m stupid and lame and can’t remember every person’s name {even with the help of business cards} c) if you THINK I’m [...]

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