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the rising cost of travel

It costs a lot the go to the blogging conferences. There used to be just a couple. Now there’s at least one “biggie” a month. Then you factor in flight, hotel, registration, food and all the extras one spends at a conference. Now multiply that times two. That what it costs for me to go [...]

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my plan for awesome at #BlogHer12

If NYC suddenly sucks and no one shows up for BlogHer, I’ll probably post a lot. Chances are REALLY slim, but there is a chance. On Wednesday I’ll be packing up, hugging my children, kissing my visiting niece and boarding a plane with Julia. Then? PEOPLE. When we get to NYC I’ll meet the book [...]

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Dear @BlogHer attendees & non-attendees

Dear people going to BlogHer, NOT going to BlogHer or wondering “WTH is BlogHer?”, Last year, Peter and I got on a plane and flew to NY to be at my first event post-strokes. NY was loud, it smelled funky and being able to be there was glorious. Being anywhere was glorious. Since that time [...]

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maybe it was the cookie bar

I went to the Mom 2.0 Summit. It was beyond words. I’m choosing to post without pictures because I can’t link to everyone without forgetting someone important. I’ll be very honest (not brag-gy) in telling you that I’ve been to a lot of conferences. I’ve spoken at quite a few. I’ve enjoyed my time at [...]

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There are times I have to switch my hats so fast it gives me whiplash. Just hours into my time in North Carolina at the Type-A Mom Conference, I got a call that shook me to my core. A call that left me crying in the bathroom. A call with news that made my heart [...]

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