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can you teach beauty?

It was so good for the kids to be at the NonCon. Nathaniel got to see his humor appreciated and Peyton made a best friend in Faiqa’s daughter. For Rachael, my very impressionable and observant 11yo daughter it was the chance to see that adults truly valued her for qualities that 6th graders don’t have the maturity to see. The way [...]

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taking new pictures

I had new headshot taken! By my friend Heather. They’re really great, she did a fantistic job! But it was hard. Where pictures used to be easy and simple, it’s more complicated now. EYES -  the glare on glasses was irritating enough, but the double-vision-not-quite-focusing-look-over-here-AND-over-there thing was hard too. WHEELCHAIR – the chair itself is [...]

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why pretty is like pez (and @Chookooloonks)

Strokes aren’t pretty. They aren’t. I’m not. Now, I can hear you sputtering about how I should find mysel beautiful, and I do. I’m just not PRETTY. Pretty can fade with time. Pretty is swallowed by ugliness in your soul Pretty is like candy.  It’s good, it’s fun, you want some, but it won’t FEED [...]

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i want to be a wuss, but i have a reason that most people don’t

“Is there anything wrong, mama?” My six-year-old will ask while she lays her head of soft brown locks on my chest.  She wraps her little arms as far as they will go to offer comfort on those days when I feel less than whole.  Maybe no one knows the way she does…not even her yet. [...]

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I can be beautiful for my daughter

I need to learn to love my body. I’ve had this body for thirty-five years and it’s never fully made me happy. The shoulders are too broad. The hips are too narrow. The belly is too squishy. The feet are too wide. The legs are too short. The chins are too many. And I have [...]

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