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Disney Dream, part 2

We came. We saw. We ate a lot of chocolate. There was incredible time in the AquaDuck. There were kids’ clubs that left the grown ups alone and we indulged in that one thing every parent can never get enough of. Hot dinner! There was tons of great times on the ship, but it was [...]

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our Disney Dream, part 1

The day I had the strokes I had been shopping,  For a media cruise. On a Disney cruise. It was the last thing I remember. So I was thinking about a family trip. Something to celebrate the fact that our family was no longer dealing with cancer treatment, making it through therapy and still together [...]

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Bahamian water, dolphins, midnight buffets, and Mickey Mouse….all I have to do is finish 459023959 more loads

Sooooo, there are certain motivators that can inspire you to get things done. The thrill of a job completed just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Take laundry, for instance. One might think that just the fabulous smell of fresh clean clothing would be enough. Or maybe the knowledge that YES, those underwear are, in [...]

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