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we respect doctors because they’re terribly smart and have cool toys

The doctor once told my family that they should kiss me and say goodbye. HEH. My Arm Moves from Anissa Mayhew on Vimeo. ps…good grief, that boob is HUGE!

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penny for penny…unless you don’t do math and then you’re screwed

I spent a lot of time waiting on doctors today. Something I’m pretty used to doing. Before I was the “coma mom” or the “wheelchair mom”,  I was always the “cancer mom”. I had two healthy legs and two healthy arms and if THIS is the price I pay for my daughter’s healthy body, I’ll [...]

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Introducing Dr. Crazy

The girls got their hair cut today. Tomorrow’s picture day at school…sort of a big deal. One that Peyton will miss. Again. I can’t even tell you how much that sucks. Instead, we’ll be going for an eye exam with an ophthalmologist. Peyton has eye problems? You might ask. No. Peyton has headaches. She has [...]

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