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the dream i had

Not everything in my life gets to be funny. I see the humor in so many things and appreciate laughter in every form. But sometime the reality of what happened to me sneaks in and steals my laughter. Leaves fear and tears in it’s wake. I cry out in memory of those moments when I [...]

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making sense of no sense

A year ago my memories are disjointed and unreal. I’m never sure what is dream, memory or story told to me. This was the time most confusing. Where I turned things I didn’t understand into dreams that made sense. Which didn’t. But seemed safer. I have memories of those dreams as clear as a movie. [...]

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the dream time

It was hard to explain how real my dreams felt. The coma-stage feelings were very hard to shake. There was whole series of dreams where I was in my bed but I watched those around me watching baseball. Baseball. My reality seemed to be watching the people I loved move around me and talk while [...]

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because who wouldn’t want a coma where you dream of mullets

I had dreams at the hospital. Dreams from my coma time that I still remember well.  Dreams from stages when I was mostly unconscious, but people at my bedside were in those dreams. There were too many dreams to share at once, and they were too hard to explain…the whole Mexican-map-romance-burrito thing for example. But [...]

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sometimes i have dreams. but i’m not martin luther king, jr. not THOSE kinds of dreams.

I talked dreams with my husband last night.  The confusing and nonsensical dreams that filled my sleeping coma days. i remember them. Dreams of theater that can’t finish, of westerns that don’t die,  there are big glass rooms with music that never finish, and there was someone who was done and getting ready to leave [...]

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