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i can tell you EXACTLY what you can do

There were many doctors that gave me and my family grim expectations for the future. What I would and wouldn’t be able to do. What not to expect. I wouldn’t dress myself this morning. I wouldn’t help my kids get ready for a day of school. I wouldn’t be making plans for the 10yo’s birthday [...]

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Are expectations a good thing? Are they an opportunity to rise to a challenge? Are they set so that there is an inevitable failure? Why do some find them empowering and some find themselves buried under a world of frustration? Why is there such a difference between the expectations you have for yourself and that [...]

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i hope this makes sense, but then, why start now?

I’ve been very lucky that I’m well enough to take a few of the offers to speak that I’ve/we’ve been offered.  But there has also been an alarming amount of speaking gigs that have been, “WHO?? There has been a feeling of being offered things JUST because I’m the flavor of the month. I’m this [...]

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