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playing games in my mind

I used to play MASH. You remember that game from your childhood? Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House. Yes, I would live in a shack with Joey McIntyre. Even with our five kids in a Porsche. I liked MASH, I never said I was smart about it. But in all those daydreams, with fantasies scribbled in pencil on scraps of [...]

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cause if you can’t pimp your handicap what good is it?

We watch Extreme Home Makeover. For the makeovers, not Ty getting shirtless. Much. We’ve seen people getting homes because they had tragedy or they had ordeals.  I mean, we have watched a lot of folks go through a lot of stuff. I cried all the time. I would snot at the drop of a hat. [...]

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funkytown, one turn past Allentown and Elizabethtown

Sometimes I get in a funk. Then I have to make myself find reasons for to get out of it. There’s been physical progress, conference opportunities, Extreme Home Makeover videos, husbands that make threats involving things that are put up high. Funk?  When do I have long to wallow in the funkadelio? Mainly because the [...]

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