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worst case scenario

When I had my first eye surgery the staff said that there were all these likely post-surgery effects. Then they told me about the very unlikely risks but things I needed to know. I fell in the unlikely category. So I needed a second surgery to fix the results of the first. Same situation with the warnings. [...]

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third time’s the charm

I’m having eye surgery. AGAIN. Yes, again. Eye surgery #1 was to repair the double vision and move my actual eyeball so the pupil was centered. The surgery was successful BUT it damaged a muscle and caused my eyelid to droop. Like ridiculously. Eye surgery #2 was to try to repair the droopy eyelid. There was some improvement but now the droop has [...]

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what i see

Put a piece of Saran Wrap with Vaseline on it over your eyes. I need glasses but my surgeries have caused my prescription to change so much the doctor wants me to wait a few months to get a new pair. Probably wise. Until then though I’ll be looking at world with KY-covered eyes. Who [...]

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and now i want spareribs

The 10yo officially became an 11yo on Wednesday. I didn’t get to be there. I had expected my eye surgery on Monday to recover enough that I would be able to celebrate my girl’s big day with her. Then add to that: The last day of school. A sleepover to celebrate the 11yo’s big day. [...]

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when you have jerky, hairy balls

I have gotten several emails about the eye surgeries I have coming up in Feb. They’re hard to explain, so I thought maybe these pics would help. 1. I’m having surgery to fix the lazy eye. 2. I’m having surgery to remove hairs that lay on my eyeball. 3. I’m having surgery to fix an [...]

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rules for meeting me

Whether it’s a conference or a meetup or just a meeting out, there are certain rules when it comes to meeting me. Well… So, let’s get down to what I like to call “Anissa’s Rules of Engagement” I can’t see you when I’m moving or far away – This might be partially fixed by the [...]

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