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i have a multiple personality disorder

People come to this site after talking to me on Twitter of Facebook and sometimes I get emails that say “I thought you’d be funny“. My first blog was about a toddler with cancer, this one is about being in coma, nearly dying, and living in a wheelchair. If that’s not comedic material, I don’t [...]

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swimming in the memories

I did what Facebook does so well. I let myself get swamped with good memories of days gone by. Before responsibilities. Before a family. Before PTA, the strokes, the wheelchair. Did I just compare the PTA to a stroke? Why yes I did.  I did it. I let the sounds and thoughts spin me back [...]

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some of my best friends are people

I’m a 38yo female. Some of my best friends are 38. In fact, my BEST friend iS 38yo. I love a bunch of people who are younger/older than me. I am Asian. Some of my best friends are Asian! (Coincidence, they’re just cool not a cultural thing) I have friends that represent every color and [...]

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winning at “words with friends”

I wrote at this site every day for a while. Not because I had critically important thing to say, but because my therapists would recommend working my brain. Write, they said. Think, they said. Post, they said. But, do it well. Notice they didn’t say THAT! After I got back in the habit of posting [...]

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i give free kittens!

Don’t punch me,  but I need you to click over to Babble and vote for me with a Facebook “like”. I wouldn’t normally do it, but this is a really good reason. Mominations is your chance to shine a light of recognition on an incredible mom doing good work, and put her in the running [...]

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