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the view from up here

When I learned to let go of the safety grab bar by the toilet so I could pull down my clothes I felt a supreme satisfaction. It was a mental battle to put faith in something I couldn’t feel. I trusted my leg to hold me up and learned to rely on the familiar routine [...]

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always take the phone to the bathroom with you

When I went to NYC to attend BlogHer and my roomies Leila and Robin went to see the Katie Couric while I stayed in the room to get ready. She was the speaker. They didn’t kidnap her and make her talk like a trained monkey.  The bathroom floors were really slippery and I ended up [...]

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something i hope doesn’t happen again for a very long time

Last night I fell down. The first time in forever, I wiped out. And I laid on the floor with no way of getting up, feeling helpless and pretty stupid. Now, there was no reason for me to feel foolish.  My weaker leg pulled up last minute and it caused me to get off balance [...]

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