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i can tell you EXACTLY what you can do

There were many doctors that gave me and my family grim expectations for the future. What I would and wouldn’t be able to do. What not to expect. I wouldn’t dress myself this morning. I wouldn’t help my kids get ready for a day of school. I wouldn’t be making plans for the 10yo’s birthday [...]

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being together

Christmas morning at the nursing home was an experience. I lived in this constant fear of my family leaving and not coming back. There were cards, the kids brought gifts, we tried to celebrate together. I remember the laughing of the kids. I hugged them SO tight. I was very tired, but was afraid to [...]

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the choices i make

Lately it has seemed that I’m making choices to make others unhappy. True. Decisions I have made have caused some to be less than thrilled. I know that. I had to weigh those choices. My family’s needs won every time. The needs of those who are close to me take priority. It’s not that I [...]

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you can too!

Sometimes I wonder where it went. The spirit that made gave people give. It meant so very much to my family. It went beyond words that care took a human form. I see people passing the buckets that will help others with their pocket change. They don’t have pocket change The money you would find [...]

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puzzle pieces

Everything feels like puzzle. Exercise. Rehab. Writing. Blogs. Friends. Relatives. The biggest piece. The one all the others have to fit around. Family. It feels like the side change shape. Get longer. Are shortened. A spot that once arched out now curves in. The transformations are subtle. Their changes. Mine. Physical. Emotional. The pieces always [...]

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stubborn is a good thing…no, really, it is…IT IS!!

Rumor has it that I’m stubborn. My parents will verify it. My friends will testify to it. Because he loves me, me husband denies knowing anything about it. He’s smart, that one. I used to be stubborn in work, and definitely in play. Then I had two strokes.  And I was in a coma.  And [...]

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I could have been napping

So, I wrote this whole post about the horrors Peter put me through this weekend. Seriously.  Home Depot…rakes…sweat…it was like the trifecta of hell. But, some great things came out of it. And by “great things”, I mean other than the spectacular AWESOME that is an arm cramp.  Cause, if you haven’t had one? Try [...]

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Free: Adjective or Verb?

There’s been the occasional question of what “Free Anissa” is supposed to mean.  As I can tend to blather on until someone no longer cares, I try to keep it fairly brief in explanation…Twitter blockage, end of cancer, a new focus, blah blah blah. But, I clearly had great expectations for this new blog…it was [...]

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