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as dave matthews said, crash into me

I have these moments where my world collide. The me that blogs and talks to crowds of people circles the me that wears my pajama pants to the store. The me that plays social media roulette circle the me that once had coffee with other parents of very sick kids. Sometimes the worlds crash headfirst. [...]

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the sounds of silence

The shades block the sun from bringing me into full consciousness. I can hear breaths that tell me the day’s insanity hasn’t yet started. I snuggle deeper into the arms of drowsy peace. There are dreams that taunt from the edges of reality. Don’t wake up. Don’t do it. “Mommy? You awake?” DAMN.

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vacation without daddy

Im in Florida. On vacation. I’m not having any deeper thoughts than I absolurely HAVE to. I have one that is enjoying the pool and water. I have one enjoying a social calendar. I have one who hit some puberty warp speed at the state line that made hirm suddeny taller and gave him a [...]

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there’s a house…

There’s a house. In Florida. The first one Peter and I ever owned. The one we brought our babies homes to. Back when we never had a thought to what the future had in store. We had to leave that house to make that future in Georgia. Leaving people we trusted to take care of [...]

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