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seeing the world from my desk

I wonder what it was like to have my handicap fifty years ago. Granted people didn’t live without the medical treatments I was lucky to have. I think of the limits I have and what I would have then, it makes me know I’d have very little reason to even leave my house. Who would [...]

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a day I remember

For those of you that might not know, in 2006 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. In 2008 she was a part of an event called “Fashion Funds The Cure” that benefits the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. It’s a fashion show that highlights some gorgeous girls that are currently going through treatment, celebrates the survivors [...]

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traveling with @RobinPlemmons

Robin and I have traveled together several times. Each trip has been it’s own voyage of hilarity. We have moments that can only be described as bizarre perfection. In In New Orleans I couldn’t find my phone so Robin called it. It had slipped out of my bra where I kept it hidden and I’d forgotten I’d set my ringtone for her calls [...]

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it’s ok to come undone

I had a bit of a breakdown Monday.I came unraveled. Lost my shit. Seriously walked the edge. I’m juggling a lot of balls right now. The Non-Conference.  Aiming Low. Surgeries and their recoveries. A disability office that keeps saying I’m not disabled enough. Fears that effects from my strokes seem to be getting worse. The situation with Pete [...]

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my friend

It’s a lot of work to be friends with me. Now I’m not saying I’m not lots of fun and totally worth it, but it IS A LOT OF WORK TO BE MY FRIEND. People have to walk slower when they’re with me. It’s just part of the wheelchair gig. The staring is a phenomenon [...]

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up and down

Some of you may be wondering about the “BIG D” and if things are still tense between Pete and I. WE HAVE THREE CHILDREN. Does that seem like an odd place to that sentence? It just shows our thought process. Before we can make a single argument or decision we have to remember that very [...]

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post conference plague

I nearly died. Somewhere between coughing all night and my kids waking me up when I *could* sleep, it was a near homicide. In the wake of of the #140Conf and TypeACon, I suffered the dreaded “post-conference plague”. Before I go any further let me make sure I’m clear that I’m NOT COMPLAINING. Yes, I’m [...]

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there can be no neutral

So it inevitably happens. You take the first hit from a friend regarding your split. There’s been been many well meaning yet critical family members. But this was the first time I reached out to have my hand slapped away. It was explained away that they were going to remain neutral and wait til the [...]

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what’s your plan b?

Before the strokes There are pictures from the days in the hospitals and the first days home. I’m choosing not to post those, but they were less than awesome.  Trust me on that on.It was hard feeling that everyone that knew me was staring in pity. I hated it. I was determined that if they [...]

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you can’t do that

There is a certain “you can’t do that” to my life. It’s been said in the past. Some people believed I could only fail. I’d like to say that I knew right away they were wrong. I could face every challenge. I was positive there was nothing but good times ahead. I’d like to say [...]

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i got the best kind of people you can hope to find

I’ve been lucky.  So very lucky I hardly know what to do with myself. Most people won’t skate on the edge of death and come back to write blog posts about it. Some will circle the drain, but not everyone has a family that will fight to keep you afloat. Friends are great, having every [...]

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stubborn is a good thing…no, really, it is…IT IS!!

Rumor has it that I’m stubborn. My parents will verify it. My friends will testify to it. Because he loves me, me husband denies knowing anything about it. He’s smart, that one. I used to be stubborn in work, and definitely in play. Then I had two strokes.  And I was in a coma.  And [...]

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having a personal set of disney dolls might not be down-the-well, putting-the-lotion-on-its-skin creepy, but still

I visited my old therapists.  These were the ones I had last before I was able to go home. Belle, Cinderella and Jasmine. That’s what we called them and that’s what they’ll stay. These three ladies taught me enough so that I could go home.  They gave me what I needed to be able to [...]

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