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the art of being nice

I went to the Type-A–Parent conference at a hotel in Atlanta. I spoke about the art of writing, telling others I somehow knew more than them. I didn’t. No. I’ve just been doing it a long damn time and I’m just willing to talk out loud about it. On a personal note, I come with [...]

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it’s ok to come undone

I had a bit of a breakdown Monday.I came unraveled. Lost my shit. Seriously walked the edge. I’m juggling a lot of balls right now. The Non-Conference.  Aiming Low. Surgeries and their recoveries. A disability office that keeps saying I’m not disabled enough. Fears that effects from my strokes seem to be getting worse. The situation with Pete [...]

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there was no try

“Can I do it?” I sat on my bed, the handicaps still very new to me with news from people I had thought friends. My feelings crushed, my trust destroyed, my belief in my ability to do anything wavering. Years later I am thankful to have the truth before me. To have had the experience [...]

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this is the morning after

I made it back. In one piece. After laughing more in one weekend than I have in a long time. (Like, so hard that I had to go to the bathroom more regularly.) After an opportunity to meet new friends and see faces that made me smile in familiarity. After talking about my strokes again, [...]

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If we’d had one more day there probably would’ve been a boar’s head on a stick somewhere

Corporations would call it a “Team Building”. At Aiming Low, we call it “Times when you’d better wear a diaper cause chances are good you might pee a little”. (I don’t even watch The Office and this is funny…probably because I love Ali Martell…no, I REALLY love Ali Martell) I mean, come on, there’s not [...]

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