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more surgery on my eye

I felt like my eye all screwed up. The ophthalmologist at Emory agreed, and began the never-ending “SAGA OF THE ZOMBIE EYE“. I went to the doc to talk about the eye tremor. The doctor ran some tests, looked at this, poked at that. Dr J ended up doing the initial zombie-eye surgery to take [...]

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it’s still me

I’ve had a bunch of medical stuff going on. Surgeries on my eyes scheduled, still getting things under control. I wish I could say there would ever be a day I was DONE. But this process seems endless. Some things are better. Some things are the same. It’s all still me. I’m trying to raise [...]

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taking new pictures

I had new headshot taken! By my friend Heather. They’re really great, she did a fantistic job! But it was hard. Where pictures used to be easy and simple, it’s more complicated now. EYES -  the glare on glasses was irritating enough, but the double-vision-not-quite-focusing-look-over-here-AND-over-there thing was hard too. WHEELCHAIR – the chair itself is [...]

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vlog – why i wear tape on my glasses (and where your husband was)

I’m not crooked the whole time. i swear. Don’t ask me why I start that way.

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