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the one where i fight like Rocky

I guess it took a reader’s comment to make realize that I’ve sort of veered away from how much of my life still centers around my handicaps. I really do try to walk a fine between finding happiness in who I am now and that constant drive to not be THIS. THIS is in a [...]

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the world’s best timer

Check me out at Babble today: This Holiday Brought To You By Chocolate

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letting tears out

I cried last night. I was reorganizing my closet, there was stuff I needed to move that was out of my reach. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I couldn’t reach a shelf my elementary schoolers could. The frustration just washed over me. There was no making it better by crying. It [...]

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where people in wheelchairs are told, “SUCKIT”

It’s not the easiest thing being in a wheelchair but I try not to complain because it’s better than the alternative. Then I go into a place that doesn’t just NOT accommodate handicap people, it seems to be totally unaware of how crappy their setup truly is. Welcome to Mattress Firm To make sure you [...]

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the weight of the world on my hips

With all the crap I’ve had to deal with THIS feels almost vain. When I’m in a wheelchair full-time and live with only one fully functional side,it seems silly to get crabby about my weight. I should be glad just to be alive. I am I should be happy that I’m with my family and [...]

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