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patience is my virtue

The cord of my earbuds are tangled. Snarled. Like a ball of Christmas lights. With one hand I slowly begin the process. Painstakingly. Methodically. Weaving the end, in, out, under, over. Pulling a knot free, only twenty-five more to go. My daughters, my friends, they watch in pain. I know they want to help. With [...]

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one reason i write

People write for many reasons. Whether it’s a creative impulse or a business motivation there is a drive that leads us to stamp out our little mark on the world. I’ve always had a hunger to write. Since childhood I would wrap myself in my imagination and let my stories take flight from my pens. [...]

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even though it’s not november

It would be easy to be angry. This wasn’t the life I expected to have. I didn’t expect to face my uncertain future in a wheelchair with a stroke-effected appearance and a prison of my own body. It would be SO easy to be angry. I work hard to stay thankful. In spite of my [...]

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me vs. limitations

I’ll be the first person to get on my accessible soapbox and bang on my drum with one hand that limitations are in your own mind. Truthfully, there are limitations you have to deal with every day that are VERY REAL and can put a damper on your positive mindset. Things can get in your way [...]

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love what you have

I was jealous. For minutes I sat there and watched and was totally consumed by the thoughts of life with both arms and a face that worked. God, I wanted it. I did. I would have given my one good leg to have a fully functional torso again. Then it went away. I let go [...]

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my friend

It’s a lot of work to be friends with me. Now I’m not saying I’m not lots of fun and totally worth it, but it IS A LOT OF WORK TO BE MY FRIEND. People have to walk slower when they’re with me. It’s just part of the wheelchair gig. The staring is a phenomenon [...]

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being enough parent for my kids

We’ve raised monsters. Amazing, incredible monsters. It’s such a weird line I walk between being as firm as they need and as lenient as they deserve. These kids have been through thing that would break most adults. Cancer. A come. Strokes. A life transformed to deal with a handicap. Now they have parents going through [...]

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the rubix cube of separation

The choice to not be married came with the decision to be alone. For a lot of people that thought is scary and daunting bur it comes with an extra layer of difficulty for me. Now, don’t mistake me. I’m not thinking about dating anyone. I could care less about some faceless guy. But being [...]

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today’s inspiring lesson

Sometimes when you’re in a wheelchair and handicapped and medically complicated it can start to feel like that is ALL your life is about. I write about my conditions, but I hope you don’t think they DEFINE me. I have to remind myself that just because I’m thankful with life in general that it doesn’t [...]

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reflections in the pool

A a trip to the pool at the YMCA. I sat waiting for a family shower room to open up. The door finally opened. A mother with her daughter exited the room. There was no staring, which was pretty weird as far I was concerned. Until dad came out. In his wheelchair. Both arms working [...]

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not all trolls live under bridges

Trolls can hurt any time they take what you say the wrong way. To be honest I have a certain amount of words to use. I CAN’T answer each person the way I’d like. Then to see my friends Catherine and Tanis going through these struggles with CHILDREN, it makes my blood boil. Because I [...]

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