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being together

Christmas morning at the nursing home was an experience. I lived in this constant fear of my family leaving and not coming back. There were cards, the kids brought gifts, we tried to celebrate together. I remember the laughing of the kids. I hugged them SO tight. I was very tired, but was afraid to [...]

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faith and the Holy Dude

I’m sort of having issues with this post. I don’t mean to offend those that feel deeply religions.  But I don’t mean to offend those that are atheist too. Because I belive both have a place in God’s plans. God. That’s the name I grew up with.  Yahweh, Mohammed, Christ, Jesus, Higher Power, Gary.  These [...]

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i used to be good at holidays and stuff, now it’s just a day to suck….with cards

The kids asked dad what he wanted for Father’s Day.  He, very honestly, said nothing. He wanted to relax, chill out, do the things that guys like to do. The kids wanted him to do all his normal dad chores. They didn’t understand each others definition of nothing. It’s hard not to sympathize with both [...]

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There’s not enough candy in the world for this much crazy

Peyton had an oncology checkup on Tuesday. I had the pukes. They rescheduled it for Wednesday. I still didn’t feel like I was safe to be around the immune-compromised kids, so I canceled that one too. Now, we wait until next week to see her doctor and get her bloodwork. And I’m sort of relieved. [...]

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