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before i wake

Twilight: DEFINITION “dim; obscure: in the twilight hours. a terminal period, especially after full development, success, etc.: the twilight of his life” NOT “anything to do with yummy boys that sparkle“ I have a twilight time when I nap. That time before I reach full consciousness but I’m not quite sleep anymore. My mind lives [...]

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i don’t just laugh at inappropriate moments

I have this way of being serious. It goes with my sense of humor. I’m neither ALL the time. I get over the times when life get to be too much by laughing and making with the funny. It doesn’t hurt that I surround myself with some of the funniest people EVER to abuse “Ha” [...]

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because who wouldn’t want a coma where you dream of mullets

I had dreams at the hospital. Dreams from my coma time that I still remember well.  Dreams from stages when I was mostly unconscious, but people at my bedside were in those dreams. There were too many dreams to share at once, and they were too hard to explain…the whole Mexican-map-romance-burrito thing for example. But [...]

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kids are my reason for working harder, they are also the reason i had to go to AA

People will ask what my motivation was for getting better. I wanted to get out of the hospital for sure. Walking again has always been something I tried to do. But mostly, the number one thing has always been my kids. The kids that make me laugh. The kids that make me try one more [...]

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