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judge not lest ye be judged

We’ll pretend you’re not judging!!

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traveling with @RobinPlemmons

Robin and I have traveled together several times. Each trip has been it’s own voyage of hilarity. We have moments that can only be described as bizarre perfection. In In New Orleans I couldn’t find my phone so Robin called it. It had slipped out of my bra where I kept it hidden and I’d forgotten I’d set my ringtone for her calls [...]

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i have a plan for @TheBloggess for 2012

I have this friend Jenny. You may know her as the Bloggess. You may also know her as Inmate 856846746, but that’s another story for another day. So, in San Diego at BlogHer11 at the People’s Party (co-hosted by : Velveteen Mind, IzzyMom, Motherbumper and Oh, the Joys!)Jenny was one of the hosts. In past [...]

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an interview with @TerryJaymes and learning I have a face MEANT for radio

So, this guy emailed me and said, “Would you be on my radio show?” I said, “SURE! But I sing for crap, what do you want to hear?” Turns out Terry Jaymes has a show that is actually TALK radio. OH. So, I had my radio interview on 97.3 KIRO F M (for that huuuuuge [...]

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