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the dream i had

Not everything in my life gets to be funny. I see the humor in so many things and appreciate laughter in every form. But sometime the reality of what happened to me sneaks in and steals my laughter. Leaves fear and tears in it’s wake. I cry out in memory of those moments when I [...]

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what you get when you tell me to write important stuff

Babble tends to be a site about kids and babies and all thing soft and squishy. So, when they asked me to write there I asked, “Have you lost your mind?” Catherine (the one they send to stroke your hair and talk you into stuff) said, “This will be great! Just like summer camp, but [...]

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oh! the joy of motherhood…it takes a lot of SOMETHING

I woke to the smell of cooking eggs and muffins. “Don’t look, mama!!” is screamed at me. Plates made of goofy writing and coffee cups with smiling pictures adhered carefully are as good as gift of gold. The sun shines down on gleaming smiles and freshly scrubbed faces. “He’s touching me!” “She used my blue [...]

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my first steps of independence, but i only have one leg that works, so its the faceplant of indepedence

Last night my oldest daughter had a sleepover and our son was home late from an outing.  It meant our youngest was an only child for a while. It was torture, clearly. So to make up for it we offered her the kind of reward only possible at Chick Fil A.  Waffle Fries.  Yay!!! But, [...]

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I could have been napping

So, I wrote this whole post about the horrors Peter put me through this weekend. Seriously.  Home Depot…rakes…sweat…it was like the trifecta of hell. But, some great things came out of it. And by “great things”, I mean other than the spectacular AWESOME that is an arm cramp.  Cause, if you haven’t had one? Try [...]

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